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Regulation 44 - Ensure Proper Quality Standards



Foolproof Regulation 44 Quality of Care template report saves you trawling the internet or matching up compliance. Use the whole report to be assured of a foolproof review of quality of care. If you are looking for external support, Rezume offer Mock Inspections, Inspection Health Checks, Inspection ready Workshops and Independent Visits. A revised and updated Children’s Homes Regulations and Quality Standards friendly Regulation 44 visit template and visitors compliance pack is now released and is easily available. 

Ambiguity has been much cited in reference to the Children's Homes Policies and Quality Standards. However there is a little Ofsted hidden weapon that lies at the heart of the new tougher inspection framework and it is not much publicized. Ofsted released a report previously which they now claim to be the catalyst underpinning and setting the bar on their new expectations and Judgment framework! The needs of the children must be kept in mind while setting all the quality standards for the children.  

The Quality Standards describe outcomes that each child must be supported to achieve while living in the Residential Children's Homes. Each contains an over-arching, aspirational, child-focused outcome statement, followed by a non-exhaustive set of underpinning, measurable requirements that homes must achieve in meeting each standard. Recently, the companies were working with Residential Children's Homes staff team who were finding it difficult to discover a young person’s overall wishes and feelings. 

The Regulation 44 and Quality Standards place major emphasis on the Statement of purpose like never before! Although part of the intention of the incoming regulations & quality standards is to focus less on process and more on outcomes, the truth is that still people need to plan and ensure that they get it right from the start. A few planned exercises at the outset are essential. The Regulation 44 sets out standards (“the Quality Standards”) that must be met by homes. 

You could be easily mistaken into thinking that the guide to the Children's Homes Policies and Quality Standards 2015, is all you need to consider from a compliance point of view. This is not the case. The guide is only half the story. Not only do you have to embed the compliance requirements of the Regulations & Standards themselves, providers, managers and staff must consider a raft of legislation and guidance that Inspectors must and will take account of at Inspection. 

The truth is, you are probably already furiously planning as Residential Children's Homes fast approach the arrival of the Children’s Homes regulations 2015, incoming quality standards and Ofsted Inspection Framework. Judging by the flood of calls, it seems that many providers are keen to get the new requirements embedded and are off to a good start. Residential Children's Homes must be able to overcome all the requirements of the children. All their wishes must be granted and their likes as well as dislikes must also be taken care of. 

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